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So guys, I know a lot of you are (struggling) artists trying to promote yourself and your events with more or less success on social medias…

As you might not know, that kind of stuff (helping people create and develop a reputation online) is my day job (and I’m pretty damn good at it :p ), so I thought I’d give you a few tips.

Sadly, I see a lot of mistakes… and since promotion is time (and/or money) consuming, might as well get the most bang for your buck, right ?! 😉

So here we go :

First, I’d like to start with 3 key principles that are very, VERY important as far as promotion goes, everywhere on the Internet (and offline).


1. Use ALL the real estate you have on each page : Attention is the Internet’s main currency, so use every opportunity you have to grab the attention of your visitors. Especially focus on what is on top of the page, the area that people can see without scrolling (what the pros call “above the fold”).

2. PEOPLE ONLINE ARE LAZY : Don’t ask them to make an effort ! I see a lot of people complaining about the fact that people don’t read thoroughly… People have a very short attention span online, and the next cats video is just a few clicks away, it’s true… Well you can be a bitch about it, or you can make their life easier by putting all the useful, priority informations first. The less effort they have to make, the more efficient your communications will be.

3. TELL PEOPLE WHAT TO DO : After reading (or more likely scanning) your content, people will be in a short mental state of “what should I do next” ? Well, tell them what to do ! If you want them to share a post, ask them ! If you want them to comment, ask them what their thoughts are, etc.


With that in mind, here are some more specific tips, especially related to Facebook promotion :

+ Use a good picture for your Facebook event, that contains the most important information (see principle #1) : Ideally, the pic should convey the atmosphere of the event, the name, some practical informations (location and time) and some perks (a band, a cool DJ, a special theme, etc).

+ Use all the room you have in your event title to convey informations : The title of your event is the first thing people will see, even before arriving on the event page per se (they’ll see it in your invitation, in posts of friends sharing the event, etc.). So again, be sure to add the most important pieces of information (location and time, bands, DJs, perks, etc)…

+ Put the most important information at the TOP of your event description : Before reading all your ramblings about how awesome your event is, I wanna know the useful information (when is it ? Where ? How much is it ? Who’s performing ? What’s the dress code ? etc)… Also, that’s the thing that will appear without a need to click on “Read more” (most people don’t).

+ Facebook doesn’t allow a lot of formating, but do your best to present the information clearly and consistently : You can use special characters to create titles that will stand out… For example :


– WHEN ? Saturday, March 28th 2015, from 9pm to 4am
– WHERE ? Geneva, Club Blablabla, adress [link to google map]
– HOW MUCH ? 10$ before 10pm, 15$ after


– BAND #1 (style, country, link)
– DJ BLABLABLA (style, country, link)


+ Always promote your performers on the event page : add link to their pages, put some video, etc. Your audience will be happy to be able to easily check what the performer is about, and your performers will love the extra bit of promotion.

+ Don’t use big blocks of texts : People are too lazy to read them ! Use short paragraphs and as much formating as possible to make things light and clear (see previous tip).

+ Fill all the informations on your pro page : If you’re going through the trouble of creating a page for your stuff, why not doing it right ? I can’t tell you the number of pages that don’t tell me in a few short sentence (via the description box on the left) what the page is about… Or the number of pages where I felt like checking the website, but needed to go find it on Google because they didn’t put the damn thing on the “website” field of the description box… Again, use all the room you have to communicate useful information, and make it easy for your visitors.

+ Tell people what to do : When people are done reading your post, your event description, etc, they are for a few seconds in a mental state of “What should I do now ?”. Well, tell them ! If you want them to comment, ask them what their thoughts are, if you want them to share, ask them, if you want them to RSVP, ask them, etc… You can double the response to your publication just by (politely) telling people what to do.

+ Consider using Facebook Ads (paid advertising) : If you’re serious about your activity, you might consider using paid advertising to give you a boost. There is nothing wrong with that, it’s not “cheating”, and if well used it can be extremely efficient. You just have to learn to use it right, and it takes a little bit of testing and practice.

+ Be sure to always set up your ads so that they are as targeted as possible : No matter the quality of your ad or promoted publication, the targeting options are the most critical factor. Take some time there to make sure everything is as right as possible. For example, if you’re doing an event, dont just target the country, target the town (and nearby areas) where the event will take place. That way you won’t waste your hard-earned cash displaying a post to people that wouldn’t be able to attend anyway.

+ Your posts on your page should have either of two goals : 1. fans acquisition 2. fans engagement. What I mean by that is that you should create a mix of posts that will get you NEW fans (using the appropriate targeting options when you promote your post), and of posts that will engage your current fan base. (I’d spend more on fans acquisition, and let the other ones be promoted organically most of the time, except when I need to promote something specific, for example my next event).

+ Always test your ads message and audience : Instead of spending 10$ for one ad, consider spending 2×5$ for two different ads. That way you can test your message (which way of saying things works better with my audience ?) and more importantly, you can test the audience (is it easier to attract men or women ? mobile users or PC users ? People from this country or that country ? etc.). For example, I greatly optimized my costs when I realized it costed me twice as less to target women using mobile phone only. But it will be different for each audience, so you have to do your own tests.

+ Always cross-promote your platforms : If you are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, promote one plateform to the audience of the other plateforms… That way you’ll have more chance to reach them with your message.

+ NEVER rely only on platforms that you don’t OWN : Facebook is very powerful, but you shouldn’t rely only on that one, or any others. What happens if suddenly they close ? Or if they shut down your account ? You’re fucked ! So if you’re a pro (or just ambitious about what you do), consider building a plateform that you own, aka a website + an email newsletter.

Okay, here we are, a few tips to make the maximum out of your promotion efforts…

I wrote this article cause I know how hard and time consuming it is to promote yourself, your events, your craft, your music, etc. especially when you’re in an alternative scene… So hopefully, this article will help you with that.

Feel free to ask questions if you have some, and if you know people in the same situation as you who could benefits from these advice, please share the article with them !

Wish you a lot of freakish success !

DJ Lord Nevermore

P.S : I originally posted this on my Facebook. If you’re interested in the topic, like my page for more if it’s not done already ! 😉

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